Many goods and materials are needed to organize 100km long race. Some of the goods and materials that come to mind might include: rowing boats, floats, time registration, GPS equipment, sanitation, food, drinks, transportation, signage, navigation boats, first aid, masseurs, stages, lighting and sound. The complete list of the needed goods and materials would have filled this entire page.

Due to the fact that this race is completely organized by volunteers, sponsorship is an essential aspect in organizing the race. Not only to make it happen but also to uphold the quality of the regatta. The received sponsorship can be used for materials used during the race, rowing related aspects of the race and for the setting up the checkpoints. As a sponsor there are three possible sponsorship packets to choose from. Each of these packages has their own options to best suit the needs of the sponsor.

  • Ringvaart Regatta Bronze               €500,-
  • Ringvaart Regatta Silver                 €1250,-
  • Ringvaart Regatta Gold                   €2250,-

It is possible to combine the aspects of the different packages to form a new package. Unfortunately our sponsorship guide is only available in Dutch, but If you are interested please send an email to ringvaartregatta@laga.nl.

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